Medical device directive and CE certification

AHA Hyperbarics
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AHA Hyperbarics products are conforming with EU regulations and Medical Device Directive

AHA Hyperbarics offers advanced solution of hyperbaric chambers in terms of safety, features, simplicity and design.

AHA Flex hyperbaric chambers are, as far as we know, the only hyperbaric chambers on the market that are certified as medical devices, are inflatable, portable and can reach pressure up to 2.0 bar (200 KPa, 15 psi).

Our products are conforming with European Union regulations and Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, holding the CE certification mark (CE 2265).

AHA Hyperbarics is a proud member of IHMA, International Hyperbaric Medical Association which mission is to improve public health by implementing high ethical and scientific standards for hyperbaric medicine; promoting sound hyperbaric research and treatment protocols; educating the medical community, the general public, decision makers and policy ...

AHA Flex hyperbaric chamber
AHA Flex hyperbaric chamber

AHA Flex hyperbaric chamber is manufactured in Austria

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