Ceramill Zolid FX Preshades

Amann Girrbach AG

Ultra highly translucent zirconium oxide for cutback restorations with natural colour shading

Ceramill Zolid FX Preshades are homogeneously stained, ultra highly translucent blanks which allow economical and, above all, aesthetic results due to their colour fidelity and without additional staining prior to sintering. Due to the high translucency and homogeneous staining, the Zolid FX Preshade forms the perfect basis for reduced frameworks in combination with the Ceramill Mindform Cutback Library by Knut Miller. The blanks, which are available in six shade grades (A-D tooth shades), can also be used for monolithic restorations in the posterior region as well as for 3-pontic bridges in the molar region. Based on the same tooth shade scheme as the polychrome Zolid FX Multilayer, the Zolid FX Preshades also guarantee absolutely accurate shade results corresponding to the VITA classical shade guide. Ceramill Zolid FX Preshades are available in dental arch form as well as round blanks and represent an exceptional combination of the economic virtues of pre-stained blanks and the outstanding translucency of the Ceramill Zolid FX family. This specific product and its applica-tions are distinguished by high process safety, resulting from the simplified process workflows, as well as fast and cost-effective processing. Restorations can be further customised by using the staining colours and glazing materials of the Ceramill Stain & Glaze Kits to achieve an even more aesthetic outcome.

Ceramill Zolid FX Preshades

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