Angstrom released a new function on Handheld XRF

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Angstrom released a new function on Handheld XRF

Small, light and easy to carry

High-speed processing chip, advanced algorithm and high-responsive software, resulting in even faster analysis

High-performance X-ray Tube, Ultra-high Resolution Detector combined with Digital Multi-channel Processing Technology, yielding super-high detection resolution.

Indicator lights flash on both sides for safety purposes during measurement, i.e., the built-in double beam technology will automatically sense whether there is a sample at the measurement window.

Industrial resistive touch screen, superior to capacitor screen in back-light and clearer against sunlight in the field. At the same time, people don't need to take off gloves when they are operating machine in some particular environment.

AA Handheld XRF utilizes anti-slip, abrasion resistance and streamlined design, which is light and easy to carry. It also integrates the new high speed digital multi-channel technology, the new library grade base identification system and the super-FP algorithm. These features allow it to measure elements faster, with higher accuracy and greater repeatability.

Intelligent battery management exerts a real-time monitoring of the residual capacity of battery and backup battery through MSBUS bus.

Automatic switch to standby mode when not used and recovery after the machine is picked up, which saves power and extends working time; moreover, AA Handheld XRF has a gravity sensing system which shuts down instrument automatically when it accidentally falls down, another safety consideration; AA Handheld XRF will also give out alarm when ambient temperature or humidity exceeds the scope of application.

Angstrom released a new function on Handheld XRF

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