R&D Webinar: VERTEX Vacuum FTIR Spectrometers for High-End Applications on July 11th 2017

Bruker Optik GmbH

Join us for our webinar on the high-end research applications using VERTEX vacuum FTIR spectrometers.

In this webinar we will demonstrate the outstanding performance of the VERTEX series vacuum FTIR spectrometers VERTEX 80v and VERTEX 70v, and discuss the benefits of full vacuum optics design for the following research topics:

• Ultra-thin layers/monolayers on metallic and dielectric substrates

• Step-scan time-resolved spectroscopy

• MIR Photoluminescence

• THz source development

• Spectro-Electrochemistry combined with Rapid Scan

• FTIR spectroscopy in UHV chamber

Start 1st appointment: 6th July 2017, 09:30 (UTC+2). For Chinese participants (15:30 UTC+8), language: Chinese

Start 2nd appointment: 7th July 2017, 15:00 (UTC+2). For German and other European participants, language: German

Start 3rd appointment: 11th July 2017, 17:00 (UTC+2). For European participants, East Coast of the USA (11:00 UTC-4) and West Coast of the USA (08:00 UTC-7), language: English

Duration: 30 min (excl. discussion)


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