KRION cryosaunas on World Football Cup 2018.

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National teams ordered KRIONs for their players in Russia

Football World Cup is not only struggling.

World Cup in Russia is also a relaxing atmosphere for fans. May it be relaxing for players?

The answer is yes.

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) helps the players to relax and recover after the games.

English and Japanese National teams ordered KRIONs for their headquarters in St. Petersburg (Repino) and Kazan.

They have a bit different approach in scheduling the procedures, though the main idea is the same.

English players go for cryosauna after the official games. While Japanese players prefer to visit the cryosauna more often. They have procedures after the training as well.

There are KRION representatives in both locations to help the team doctors and to answer any questions.

KRION has the richest knowledge in the industry doing investigations since 1986.

We pay attention that it would be very effective for the players who have got sprains, strains, and other traumas.

Also, athletes’ normal sleep pattern might be disordered because of multiple time zone changes and a big number of flights in a short period of time.

Cryosauna forces the body to eliminate disorders. Three minutes procedure brings deep healthy sleep, normalizes the state. The goal to take a complete rest before the next day is reached quickly and conveniently.

We are glad to meet the athletes and provide them with the effective procedures.

KRION cryosaunas on World Football Cup 2018.

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