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Archimedes - Demo at your Desk

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Particle Metrology System

This real-time demo at your desk is designed to provide you with a virtual hands-on introduction to the Archimedes instrument for particle size, concentration and mass measurements. Judy Hadley from Case Western Reserve University will walk you through the basic day-to-day operation of Archimedes and demonstrate how to take a measurement. You will see the instrument and software performing several standard live tests, demonstrating the advanced capability of RMM to capture particle size distributions simultaneously for two different materials present in the same sample. We will give you an overview of the software and we will demonstrate the flexibility of data reporting.

On July, 27th, we will see the instrument and software performing several standard tests live, demonstrating the advanced capabilities of the Archimedes instrument

Note: This webinar will be available On Demand after this date


Particle Metrology System

Malvern Archimedes - Particle Count using Resonant Mass Measurement

Archimedes is also able to distinguish between proteinaceous material and contaminants such as silicone oil by means of comparing their relative resonant frequencies and buoyant masses.

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