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Implementation of kinITC into AFFINImeter

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AFFINImeter & Isothermal Titration Calorimetry: A perfect match!

You may be wondering. Binding kinetics data from ITC? Is ITC really suitable over SPR?

ITC is based upon kinetic measurements. Indeed, the raw signal measured in any ITC experiment is a heat power (in µJ s-1 or µcal s-1), that is essentially the rate of heat production, and not the heat itself evolved in a reaction.

This rate of heat production is directly related to the kinetics of the reaction taking place in the measurement cell, which is the reason why a microcalorimeter much more than merely a ‘heat-meter’.

When you have a spare moment I would recommend the following application example of the implementation of kinITC.

Implementation of kinITC into AFFINImeter

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