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Patient-Centric Data to Speed Precision Medicine

Laura Newman

Courtesy of Portable Genomics The San Diego, California start-up, Portable Genomics, bridges two potentially transformative forces in health care.

It spans an industry keen on accelerating precision medicine and patient advocacy groups pushing for advances in care.

What sets Portable apart is its innovative platform that gives patients rapid, private access to their medical, genomics, lifestyle and behavioral data on their mobile phones and clouds. Portable’s NuMe app also captures pathology, phenotype, treatment and visit data. The company can customize the app, adding fields that patients suggest.

The system includes a particularly important feature—patients own their data, which can only be shared or sold with their permission. “Portable offers a 50/50 revenue split with patients when the data are monetized,” Patrick Merel, PhD, Portable’s founder and CEO, told MedicalExpo e-magazine in an interview. “No other company is doing that.”

Courtesy of Portable Genomics
Courtesy of Portable Genomics

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