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A mood-changing wearable device to relieve stress

Celia Sampol

A wearable device able to relieve a person’s daily stress in 5 minutes? How does that work? The Thync head-mounted device is worn on the forehead and is activated by a smartphone app. It delivers neurosignals to the brain to change the user’s mood.

It will offer immediate relaxation or revitalize the wearer for an hour.

Two options are available on the smartphone app. Thync Calm Vibes helps the wearer settle down, overcome anxiety, unwind after a long day or relax before going to bed. Thync Energy Vibes can kick-start the user’s day, boost his or her workout or provide rapid motivation.

According to the Thync website, the devices are used for “safely and comfortably stimulating” the user’s nerves on the head and face “using low level electrical pulses to signal specific areas of the brain.” As a lifestyle product, it is not subject to FDA medical device regulation and approval requirements

Courtesy of Thync
Courtesy of Thync

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