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A Hyperbaric Chamber for Patients up to 320 Kg

Kristina Müller
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With the 92 cm-diameter Sigma 36 Hyperbaric Chamber, Perry Baromedical offers the largest chamber in its class. The monoplace hyperbaric therapy system offers patient comfort, reliability, safety and a high level of customization.

The quiet compartment accommodates patients up to 320 kilogram, who can even use the optional entertainment system during treatment. Safety is ensured by the clear acrylic tube through which the patient can be watched.

In addition, the chamber features an audio communication system. Customization and cost effectiveness are ensured by a range of optional accessories. For example, the chamber can be upgraded with an undercarriage gurney system to gain valuable space in the treatment room.

A Hyperbaric Chamber for Patients up to 320 Kg

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