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Ethicon Presents Its New Swedish Adjustable Gastric Band

Kristina Müller
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The Swedish Adjustable Gastric Band VC (SAGB VC) is a laparoscopically implanted medical device for the treatment of morbidly obese patients who want to achieve long-term weight reduction.

It consists of a reinforcing band, a high-volume balloon and radiopaque tubing. The pre-curved implant by Ethicon (part of the Johnson & Johnson group) offers features that facilitate its use for patients and surgeons. Among them is the one-size-fits-all approach that makes it suitable for numerous patients, regardless of size.

The suture-less port fixation with great attachment holding strength simplifies positioning and repositioning. It is supported by the band’s flexible, pre-curved shape that helps to maintain band orientation and to place it easily. The unlockable and re-lockable buckle system can be used up to three times in case band repositioning is necessary.

Ethicon Presents Its New Swedish Adjustable Gastric Band

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