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Thumbs up for a New, True-To-Life Prosthetic Hand

Celia Sampol
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Smaller and sleeker, the BeBionic prosthetic hand claims to push back the limits of multi-articulated myo-electric hands a little bit farther.

It is lighter and 30% smaller than other hands because it has been designed with women and teenagers in mind.

The prosthetic experts at Steeper who developed the product explain on the BeBionic website that this hand has individual motors in each finger that enable the hand to move and grip in a natural, coordinated way. Il also features 14 “selectable grip patterns” and hand positions, including mouse grip, power grip, hook grip, key grip and active index. It also offers four wrist options and several selectable thumb positions.

Already commercially available, this bionic hand is supposed to be more comfortable, precise and intuitive. This means patients can again use cutlery, open a purse or carry out tasks with both hands, such as taking a picture or riding a bike. It is built with miniaturized components designed to provide life-like movements.

Thumbs up for a New, True-To-Life Prosthetic Hand

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