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Digital Control Helps Hospitals Share Equipment

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Lending equipment and supplies to other departments and sometimes to other hospitals is a standard procedure for medical professionals, but one which is not always easy to manage.

LendMed, a US based start-up, is trying to turn this difficulty into an opportunity by creating a digital lending network.

Through LendMed, it is possible to lend and borrow almost everything, from large medical equipment to standard patient devices, pharmaceuticals and disposable items. The system takes care of all logistical aspects, ensuring that items are properly and securely delivered.

It is possible to manage LendMed status via an app and a web portal, as well as from kiosks installed by the company. There, a dashboard offers administrators a clear view of their operations: number of lent items, number of borrowed items, value of items lent, etc.

In a more and more demanding regulatory environment, tracking data making it possible to know what is circulating may be LendMed’s key feature.

Digital Control Helps Hospitals Share Equipment

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