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A Communication Glove for Deaf and Blind People

Kristina Müller

A common way for deafblind people to communicate is the hand-touch alphabet, Lorm. Researchers from Berlin have developed the Mobile Lorm Glove.

It is worn like a normal glove but can do much more. Fabric pressure sensors on the palm enable the user to “lorm” messages onto the hand. They are then sent to his mobile phone via Bluetooth and automatically transmitted to the mobile device of one or more recipients in form of a text message. The process works in both directions.

ME13-LormGloveThe next step is to teach the lorm glove to decode direct speech and, in the long run, even enable the user to read audiobooks.

A Communication Glove for Deaf and Blind People
Mobile Lorm Glove - A communication device for deaf-blind people.

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