CardioCard EMR Interface System

Nasiff Associates, INC.

EKG, ECG, Strees, Holter, Electrocardiogram

Nasiff has the Cardio Universal EMR Interface™ that connects to the top EMRs. CardioCard® is easy to use (No IT degree needed) and transfers data to the top EMRs. This gives you the ability to take care of your patients first, without interruption or extra fees.

All CardioCard® products are connected and integrate seamlessly: ECG, Holter, Stress, NIBP, SpO2 and Temperature. Getting connected with CardioCard® devices will allow your practice to:

-Electronically capture diagnostic data and transfer directly to your EMR system — streamlining workflow and boosting productivity

-Get immediate access to your patient diagnostic test information anytime, anywhere and eliminate the need for manual transcription — providing a single repository for patient information

-Deliver more consistent, accurate information electronically, improving data quality and practice efficiency — reducing your costs and strengthening your bottom line

-Scale up or down to fit numerous situations from a single physician office to an entire hospital setting

CardioCard EMR Interface System