CardioCard System

Nasiff Associates Inc.

EKG, ECG, Strees, Holter, Electrocardiogram

Our Nasiff name products provide not only the needed points of ability and performance for our customers, but above and beyond abilities as well as streamlined performance.

What differentiates Nasiff from other cardiology equipment providers?

- Security

Nasiff Systems provide DOD level and above product and patient information security allowing for complete peace of mind while using the product under almost any condition.

- Time

Nasiff systems are quick and streamlined. We help you save time while doing your tests, getting analytics, and diagnostics, so that you can save lives.

- Value

All Nasiff products are not only very well priced but offer industry best quality and features. We strive to be and are the very best manufacturer of cardio diagnostic equipment, while maintaining the lowest possible price for our customers so that you can focus on helping people and less time worrying about your financing.

- Quality and Features

Every product with the Nasiff name is the very best you can own. Our manufacturing quality is 2nd to none with the materials used, the processes used during the building of each device, the amount of inspection and testing along every step of manufacturing allows for complete security that every device leaving the building is absolutely perfect and ready to be used to help save lives.

- Support

Our support team offers world class support and training for our customers. Were always here and available to help anyone that needs help with a Nasiff System! Our support is the best in our industry and will never settle for less.

CardioCard System

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