Olsen becoming reference among Dental Schools

Leonardo Reis
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New Dental School clinic

Olsen finished the installation of another clinic to the Estácio University, this time at the educational unit located in Ribeirão Preto (SP-Brazil). Olsen installed 20 complete dental sets SPRINT T, 4 radiological chairs, and 14 Workstation Double Operating Lights. With this new clinic in Ribeirão Preto, Olsen has already installed 3 clinics for the Estácio University, in Florianópolis (SC-Brazil), Belo Horizonte (MG-Brazil) and Ribeirão Preto (SP-Brazil).

According to Olsen’s commercial director, Cleber Adir, the units acquired by Estácio reinforce Olsen's strategy to be the main reference in the service to higher education institutions in Brazil. The executive says that Estácio itself has already firmed a contract for three other clinics for educational units in the Northeast region of Brazil.

Estácio is considered one of the biggest private higher education organizations in Brazil in terms of enrolled students. A teaching staff of almost 8 thousand teachers supports a grid with 86 different classroom and distance learning courses of graduation and technical graduation in the areas of Exact Sciences, Biological Sciences and Human Sciences. It also offers 110 Post-Graduation Latu Sense courses, five master’s degrees courses, and three Ph.D. courses.

Olsen becoming reference among Dental Schools

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