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Table top with interchangeable cushions

Iryna Kovalenko

Moulded and visco-elastic cushions

The operating table VITA is one of the latest editions to the OPT mobile tables range. The table top and all the sections of VITA have two types of cushions, which can be ordered depending on the surgical needs: Moulded and Memory foam visco-elastic cushions.

The moulded cushions with a thickness of 60/70 mm have a specific ergonomic design. They have no seams or joins to allow the ingress of fluid and are easy to clean

thereby reducing the chances of cross infection.

Memory foam visco-elastic cushions with a thickness of 80/90 mm are designed to reduce decubitus problems and to give maximum comfort to patients. These cushions are suitable for long lasting interventions and reduce pressure sores.

All the VITA sections have an easy cushion attachment system. Both moulded and visco-elastic cushions are interchangeable. Therefore, the OR staff can choose which type of cushion to use according to the needs of the surgical procedures.

Unique attachment systems
Unique attachment systems

Visco-elastic cushions

Moulded cushions

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