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PORTALP hospital ranges


PORTALP hospital ranges, judicious solutions to adapt to the constraints of clean rooms

While the development of ambulatory and surgical techniques is developing, new technical platforms are being set up in hospitals. The reception, the emergencies, the operating theaters are rethought, the rooms reorganized. These modernization projects translate into new construction work and very often renovation.

Automatic doors have an essantial role in improving the circulation and flow of patients in the establishment. On the technical platforms, the objective is to bring more comfort to medical staff while fighting against infections. Soft floors are generalized allowing rounded skirting board. The doors are changed, they have to integrate into their new environment, or even adapt to an existing one.

The whole issue, which was touched on and Portalp has developed frame profile and counter-frames dedicated to hospital doors. These profiles allow an installation in good conditions for optimal operation of the sliding doors. They form a frame of the rack offering perfectly flat and vertical surfaces: essential conditions for the installation of doors with controlled leakage doors and hermetic doors. They also protect the walls against possible shocks during the passage of the beds.

The frame profile developed one the DIVA L CLEAN range – doors with controlled leakage rate- as well as the frame profiles on the HDS CLEAN range – hermetic doors – envelop the edges of the bay, screwed firmly to the wall. Seals ensure the tightness with the bay. They avoid the use of silicone and facilitate the interchangeability of profiles if nessary (shocks when passing beds, trolleys...). Adjusting the profiles makes it possible to compensate for possible defects in th wall. The result is a careful installation guaranteeing the expected leak-tightness levels and an optimum finish suitable for the world of clean rooms. A leaded version exists for Anti-X doors installed in the X-ray room.

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PORTALP hospital ranges
PORTALP hospital ranges

PORTALP hospital ranges, judicious solutions to adapt to the constraints of clean rooms.