Sony’s Newest Medical Monitor Combines 4K And 3D Imaging To Deliver Enhanced Visualization In OR And Training Applications

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Sony’s newest medical monitors are the industry’s first to combine 4K and 3D imaging technologies, delivering high brightness, enhanced resolution, and increased depth of field for a range of medical applications.

The 55-inch and 31-inch new monitors, which are works in progress, are designed for use with surgical microscopes and 3D endoscopes in operating rooms as well as medical facilities for training and education. The new monitors will display 2D and 3D content in 4K or HD, and are designed to reproduce the same level of image quality currently found in 4K/3D endoscopes and other compatible medical tools.

“Combining 3D’s exceptional depth of field with 4K’s incredible resolution and clarity can change the way medical teams approach their work,” says Julie Holodak, Senior Marketing Manager for Sony’s Medical Systems Division. “Building on the design and construction highlights of previous generations of Sony’s imaging technologies, these new medical monitors give surgeons greater precision and enhanced visualization to help them navigate through a procedure easily and also provides more immersive and detailed training and education.”

With a slender chassis and narrow bezel, the new 4K 3D monitors offer many of the same features and technologies found in Sony’s award-winning medical monitor lineup. 4K offers four times the resolution of HD, resulting in enhanced clarity, higher contrast, and more accurate color reproduction. The increased number of pixels in a 4K image means that objects displayed are more defined compared to a high-definition image, which helps improve surgical vision. 3D visualization is clinically proven to improve surgical accuracy, reduce procedure times and offers realistic depth perception, however, 3D imagery was limited to HD resolution. Now, the combination of 4K with 3D expands the visualization capabilities for a surgical team.

The new monitor series will display signals in HD and 4K. The signals are compatible with SDI (3G), DVI and HDMI terminals. In addition to providing side-by-side, line-by-line and top and bottom imaging, the 3D transmission method allows SDI dual streaming in the case of HD 3D, making it possible to connect with a wide range of equipment in 3D.

Providing edge-to-edge screen protection and corner-to-corner uniformity, while reducing glare and reflection, OptiContrast technology replaces the layer of air between the panel and the glass with a layer of resin specially formulated to match the refractive properties of glass. The panel helps establish dark backgrounds for high-contrast images, even in brightly lit rooms, is water resistant and easy to clean, while helping eliminate internal condensation.

Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer (AIME) allows operators to adjust the profiles and colors of 4K images from endoscopes and surgical microscopes for more comfortable viewing.

The monitors also will come equipped with compatible and disposable 3D eye-shields.

Sony’s Newest Medical Monitor Combines 4K And 3D Imaging To Deliver Enhanced Visualization In OR And Training Applications

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