Introducing The HYscent Air Care Management System From Encompass Group

Encompass Group, LLC

The new HYscent Air Care Management System, from Encompass Group, LLC, offers a safe, simple, and environmentally conscious approach to eliminating healthcare malodors.

Managing air quality can be challenging in healthcare facilities. Most Odor management products “mask” malodors rather than eliminate them. HYscent Air Care Management System was designed to be safe, simple, non-toxic, easy-to-use, and cost effective. HYscent eliminates malodors, it does not mask malodors. Fragrances are also available as an added benefit, or go unscented for a clean, fresh environment.

As an all-natural odor elimination system, HYscent relies on a blend of pure essential oils and pure fragrance oils. The oils used in this odor elimination system are designed from flowers, seeds, stems, bark, roots, and other various parts of a plant and as result are less likely to act as an irritant. This system is non-allergenic, contains no harmful chemicals for people or the environment, and does not use dangerous propellants.

HYscent is an all-dry system, which means that all fragrance refills are dry cartridges, making replacement an easy and simple task for your staff. Hyscent refills are made of surgical grade polymers that are recyclable.

“The easy to manage system requires less maintenance than traditional odor masking systems. The simple operation of this system allows your staff to focus their efforts on improving care for your residents rather facility odors,” says Greg Snoddy, Vice President of Healthcare Sales – Senior Living for Encompass Group, LLC.

The HYscent technology system includes HYscent Dual – Alternate or blend fragrances up to 600 sq. ft., HYscent Solo for single rooms up to 250 sq. ft., and the HYscent Pod for any small space up to 100 sq. The HYscent InVent is invisibly sleek and versatile to work with existing HVAC airflow and works to fill an entire area with fragrance in minutes. The HYscent Cyclone is designed specifically for ultra-low splash back and to last up to 30 days in the men’s room.

Introducing The HYscent Air Care Management System From Encompass Group