Canon's Virtual Imaging, Inc. Reveals New Digital X-Ray System

Virtual Imaging, Inc.

Virtual Imaging, Inc., a subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., recently unveiled a new digital X-ray system called RadPRO Mobile 40kW Flex Plus. The company emphasizes the device’s speed of use, largely achieved through the Enhanced Workflow Package, a platform that combines hardware and software meant to eliminate “unnecessary steps.” The workflow routine of the device integrates with facilities’ existing HIS/RIS, leading to streamlined processes.

The system is equipped with a telescopic column, allowing for both quick, flexible positioning and ease of transport. The latter quality is also helped by the relatively narrow width of the equipment. It is designed to be a mobile alternative for healthcare facilities.

The RadPro Mobile 40kW Flex Plus is compatible with with a variety of Canon wireless digital flat panel detectors. It also boasts a unique antenna system that provides for greater range when interacting with other wireless devices.

It’s expected that the device will be available through authorized dealers beginning in the fall of 2016.

Canon's Virtual Imaging, Inc. Reveals New Digital X-Ray System