Albahealth Offers Fall Risk Management Kits


Albahealth has a new kit designed to help healthcare staff prevent falls while moving patients through their facilities. Called Safe-Steps Fall Risk Management Kit, the tool brings together multiple useful items addressing distinctly different facets of a fall prevention protocol.

The kit is comprised of the following items: chart stickers, entryway magnets, identification bracelets, patient safety footwear, patient gowns, and a patient throw blanket. The footwear included in the kit is Albahealth’s Confetti Treads, which the company describes as featuring “top of the line slip-resistance and 360° protection with a unique, and patented all-around tread profile.”

Taken together, the items in the kit help identify those patients who are most prone to falls during transport in the hospital and also provide tools to increase their safety.

Studies have determined that falls are a serious risk that can compromise the recovery process for patients, commonly adding several days to hospital stays which translate into thousands of dollars of additional operating cost. Those expenditures can be avoided with preventative measures.

Albahealth is a division of Encompass Group, LLC.

Albahealth Offers Fall Risk Management Kits