A&D Medical UA-702 Blood Pressure Monitor

A&D Medical

The UA-702 is an excellent choice for those wanting a very economical blood pressure monitor.

The UA-702 is a small and compact digital blood pressure monitor. It is powered by 4xAA batteries and is very easy to use. You simply place the cuff on your left arm press the start button, pump your cuff up to the desired level, let the monitor work out your reading and press the deflate button to release the air in the cuff once it has finished taking your reading. The UA-702 simultaneously shows the systolic and diastolic measurements, while alternately showing the pulse measurements. The UA-702 is ideal for those whom don't mind pumping up their cuff and don't want to spend the extra to buy a fully automatic blood pressure monitor.

Accuracy -

Pressure: ±3mmHg or 2%, whichever is greater. Pulse: ±5%.

Measurement range -

Pressure: 20-280mmHg. Pulse: 40-200 beats per minute.

A&D Medical UA-702 Blood Pressure Monitor