Memmert appliances ICHeco and ICPeco now CO2-cooled

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CO2 refrigerant is climate-neutral

Memmert introduced two temperature control appliances with climate-neutral CO2 (R744) as the refrigerant. The climate chamber ICHeco and the cooled incubator ICPeco are not only more environmentally friendly, but also more efficient and economical to maintain than appliances cooled with fluorinated greenhouse gases. With the gradual phasing out of synthetic refrigerants, Memmert is expanding its range of environmentally-friendly temperature control appliances.

The GWP value (Global Warming Potential) is used to compare the effects of substances on the warming of air layers near the ground and thus on the greenhouse effect. The refrigerant used with immediate effect in Memmert ICHeco/ICPeco appliances with the abbreviation R744 and the chemical molecular formula CO2 has a GWP value of 1 and is therefore practically climate-neutral. By contrast, the refrigerant R134a, with a GWP of 1430, contributes 1430 times as much to the greenhouse effect in the first 100 years after its release. In addition, R744 does not contain chlorine, is neither flammable nor toxic, does not cause ozone depletion in the atmosphere and does not need to be disposed of or recycled. This is a by-product of industrial processes, which is why far less energy is used for its production than for synthetic, fluorinated refrigerants.

Memmert appliances ICHeco and ICPeco now CO2-cooled

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