Motic Unveils New MoticEasyScan WSI Scanner Series at Analytica 2018

Motic China Group Co, Ltd
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Motic China Group Co, Ltd, a manufacturer of traditional light microscopes, microscope camera systems and all-in-one pathology solutions announces the launch of two new Whole Slide Imaging scanners.

Recently presented at this year’s Analytica exhibition in Munich, Germany, the MoticEasyScan One offers a single-slide desktop solution to digitally archive precious and fragile glass slide information of singular cases. Its small footprint, together with a simplified USB 3.0 interface and improved scan times, provides unprecedented convenience and ease of use for glass slide digitisation. Quick consultation of even frozen sections is facilitated.

The MoticEasyScan Infinity system is on the other end of the spectrum. Dedicated to high capacity scanning tasks in labs or hospitals, this robust scanner system offers a 60-slide and 100-slide capacity option, ideal for mass archiving and thus space saving purposes.

All new scanners, as well as the updated MoticEasyScan Pro are equipped with a 3-fold nosepiece for more flexibility in choosing the perfect objective by automatic switching between the 10x, 20x or 40x objective: speed and precision on different sides of the balance.

“These new products show a significant step in the MoticEasyScan series, as they go to both sides of the demand: a low-budget system for single scanning, a high capacity system for an improved throughput of scanning cases in labs and hospitals,” said Dr Cristina Silva, Product Specialist for Motic Europe.

Besides these new scanning systems for archiving traditional glass slide information, the MoticEasyScan family has got more members. The EasyScan DNA systems carry unique solutions for a fast and sensitive automated cancer and precancer screening using digital image cytometry and machine learning algorithms. The assessment of aneuploidy in tumour cells is possible for cervical cancer, prostrate, bladder or oral cancer.

The EasyScan TB is capable of a fast and inexpensive detection and diagnosis of tuberculosis, objective monitoring of treatment outcome and disease recurrence. The workflow within a TB lab, defined by WHO, is kept, a daily throughput of 50 cases is possible.

The Breakthrough AI-Powered Microscope EasyScan GO - developed together with Intellectual Venture's Global Good Fund - is capable of identifying the most common types of malaria parasites in a blood slide in the same time range as an expert microscopist. Anything on a blood film - including Chagas disease, microfilaria and sickle cell - will be the next steps for this specialised product. It shows that Motic is taking its scanning technology to apply it to the challenges of the worldwide healthcare problems.

Motic Unveils New MoticEasyScan WSI Scanner Series at Analytica 2018

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