New Interactive Controller Keeps Vacuum Processes Under Control

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VACUU·SELECT®, the new interactive controller from Vacuubrand, offers a new operating concept for all typical vacuum processes in chemistry labs for quick, time saving and guaranteed results. The graphic user interface with modern touchscreen display allows for simple and intuitive data input. In combination with new and existing vacuum sources, the VACUU·SELECT is the perfect all-round partner for all your lab applications.

Depending on the process, the settings of each vacuum application can be very different. VACUU·SELECT offers predefined procedures for all common vacuum applications, which can be started or adjusted easily via the intuitive touchscreen interface. The application editor allows for easy drag and drop customisation and even includes a handy tool enabling you to save your favourite processes so you don´t need to start from the beginning each time.

The handling of aggressive chemicals is the daily work for chemistry vacuum pumps. The VACUU·SELECT is made using robust chemical resistant materials, however, the glass touchscreen is still sensitive enough to be operated in the laboratory with safety gloves.

VACUU·SELECT is available in various configurations designed to match every laboratory situation. The complete standalone controller has all the necessary connections to work immediately with your existing vacuum sources. The version supplied with a pumping unit is a complete solution comprising one of the proven Vacuubrand chemistry diaphragm pumps together with an integrated controller and sensor. The most effective combination however is the new VACUU·SELECT controller together with the speed controlled VARIO pump, offering fully automatic evaporations at the touch of a button, and the shortest process times without foaming. No manual adjustments or constant babysitting are needed. Additionally the speed controlled pump means lower sound emission, less energy consumption and longer maintenance intervals.

VACUU·SELECT doesn’t only work exclusively with diaphragm pumps, but with all vacuum sources. For applications such as freeze drying or Schlenk lines, which need a deeper vacuum than 1 mbar, there are package solutions available for fine vacuum control. Whether handheld or installed in the laboratory furniture, the versatile VACUU·SELECT offers all possibilities for a practical and ergonomic workspace.

The new Vacuubrand VACUU·SELECT controller is also prepared and future-proofed for the integration into modern laboratory networks and data management systems. Welcome to the future of vacuum control.

New Interactive Controller Keeps Vacuum Processes Under Control