From Proteins to Paint - Particle Characterisation made Quick and Simple

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From less than 1nm to several millimetres, Meritics can provide a comprehensive range of particle measurements for most applications.

Small sample volumes and delicate proteins can easily be handled by the Meritics instrumentation range. Particle size, concentration, mobility and molecular weight can be measured in just a few seconds with sample sizes down as small as 3µl.

Surface area, porosity, powder flow, and viscosity for paints and powder coatings help to characterise process behaviour and finish.

Meritics can look at biological cells and biopharma materials, dry powders, suspensions, emulsions and colloids from a wide range of industries and research studies providing reliable and reproducible data to help you obtain the information you need for your investigations.

Meritics has a range of laser diffraction particle size analysers for particle size distribution measurement. The new Beckman Coulter LS 13320XR system provides real data down to 0.01µm, while dynamic and static light scattering instruments for sub micron particle size, zeta potential and molecular weight, provide data down to less than 1nm. The company’s dynamic imaging particle analysers provide size distribution and concentration in addition to particle images helping with identification of, for example, protein aggregates in therapeutic solutions.

Particle size and concentration measurements on biological materials from exosomes to lipid emulsions can be measured down to 50nm using the new Spectradyne nCS1 variation on the ‘Coulter Counter’ with just 3µl of sample suspension. For particles from 200nm up to 1600µm the standard Coulter Counter provides unrivalled accuracy and resolution.

In addition to particle size, other parameters such as surface area by traditional gas adsorption, porosity, permeability and porometry measurements are all available.

Low maintenance, springless viscometers suitable for both laboratory, in line and handheld use provide rapid viscosity measurements over a wide range of samples. The Revolution powder flow tester helps identify powder flow issues in areas such as fluidisation. tableting, granulation etc.

Whether it’s just a one-off sample, small project, or to help with excess workload, our laboratory is available to provide you the measurements you need, when you need them.

From Proteins to Paint - Particle Characterisation made Quick and Simple

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