myLotus Hormone Monitor for Fertility Tracking Cleared in Europe

Concepta Plc
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Concepta Plc, a company based in Bedfordshire, UK, won the European CE Mark for its myLotus hormone monitoring product. Designed to help women identify when their most fertile days are, myLotus measures hormonalnlevels and keeps track of their changes over time. It is being unveiled for the first time this weekend at the Fertility Show in London.

The system consists of a measuring device, tests strips that are inserted into it, and an app that displays the data and helps to analyze it. The woman simply dips the test strip into a urine sample and sticks it into the reader. After a few weeks, a pattern emerges and the readings can be used to form predictions of when it’s the best time to get it on.

“The Fertility Show marks the UK launch of our myLotus fertility product and the start of our roll-out across CE territories,” said Matthew Walls, Chairman of Concepta. “Women attending the show can exclusively buy a Starter Pack, consisting of a myLotus monitor, 3 packs of 20 Ovulation Tests (LH) and 3 packs of 3 Pregnancy Tests (hCG), at the ‘Special Launch’ price of £199. We look forward to an exciting Fertility Show and to welcoming women and couples to our stand.

myLotus Hormone Monitor for Fertility Tracking Cleared in Europe

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