Dusting off an old classic

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Dust is a significant risk factor for hygiene-controlled environments given microbial contaminants can enter via dust motes. While air filtering and anti-microbial PVC curtains are the primary weapons in your defensive arsenal and will mitigate risks to the greater extent, it’s inevitable that some dust could breach the perimeter.

Managing this eventuality comes down to your SOP and only regular and thorough clean down will help to maintain cleanrooms consistently below alert levels. However, the root cause analysis of swab testing almost always reveals that it’s furniture in contact with people that stands as the greatest risk for microbial contamination.

As such, the simplest response is to minimise the amount of furniture you keep in the cleanroom in the first place. Remove anything that’s surplus to requirements until such a point when it is needed and maintain as much storage as possible outside hygiene-controlled areas.

This isn’t always practical though and you will almost certainly require some storage space within the cleanroom. It would be a major oversight not to consider the hygienic qualities of the storage solutions you install.

Therefore, we have thought very carefully about the hygienic design of all of our storage units and this extends to the humble shelf. Our modular shelving is built entirely from tough and easy to clean 304 grade stainless steel and features slatted or wire shelving. As ever, the devil is the detail: ingress free and a design which does not interrupt air circulation, helps prevent dust from settling.

We appreciate that space is often at a premium, so a wide choice of sizes allows customers to mix and match units to fit their specific needs. Moreover, we have recently extended the range to give customers even greater flexibility to make optimal use of the storage space available to them.

Our shelving is now available in a range of variants to suit a broader set of differently sized and shaped of rooms. The standard catalogues options start from 1000mm wide up to 1500mm, we can also offer bespoke sizes from 600mm to 3000mm on demand.

Units can be combined and corner units can be constructed too. Each comes supplied with four shelves as standard with up to an additional eight shelves to suit your requirements, with a payload up to 600kg per unit.

To support faster access for clean down, we offer mobile units too.

Visit Teknomek for more information or call the team on 01603 788833 to request a catalogue.

In the spirit of the festive season, we’ve reduced our prices by 10% for our modular shelving up to and including December 21st - so now’s the time to deck the halls (and cleanrooms)!

Dusting off an old classic

Dusting off an old classic

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