MEDTRON - Accutron MR

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MEDTRON - Accutron MR

Flow rate: 0.1 – 10 ml / s programmable in 0.1 ml / s increments

Capacity: 64 ml or 200 ml (CM), 65 ml or 200 ml (NaCl) Easy Loading Syringe (ELS)

Max. injection pressure: 21 bar (304 psi)

Syringe: Automatic or manual filling, filling speed 1 – 5 ml / s, optimized tube systems with check valve


Wireless injector unit with rechargeable batteries

Touchscreen control panel with different languages

Wireless touchscreen remote control

Up to six phases–secured injection position

Use of prefilled syringes (as an option)

Alternatively, input of flow rate or phase duration

Injection parameter monitoring

Now with two remote controls

MEDTRON - Accutron MR