BioSystems - BA400

BioSystems S.A.
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BioSystems - BA400

Sample throughput: 400 test / hour without ISE

No. of parallel samples: 320 test / hour ISE module

Assays: Colorimetry, turbidimetry, ISE

Dimensions: 1,200 × 1,258 × 720 mm (w × h × d)

Power Consumption: 500 VA

Minimum user maintenance

Optical systems based on LED technology that assures unlimited lifetime avoiding lamp replacement and improving sensitivity

Photometric range up to 3.5 Abs and optical resolution of 0.0001 Abs

Capacity up to 135 sample positions

(90 samples with barcode)

88 cooling reagents on board (5 – 8º C) by 20 and 60 mL dedicated reagent bottles

Easy STAT samples positioning

Non fixed positions for samples, control, calibrator nor STAT

Barcode readers for sample and reagents

BioSystems - BA400