Sentinel SENTiFIT270 (Sysmex)

Sysmex Europe GmbH
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Sentinel SENTiFIT270 (Sysmex)

Dimensions: 625 × 870 × 670 mm (h × w × d)

Weight: 120 kg

Sample throughput: Up to 270 samples / h

Assays: Fecal Immunochemical Test (Calprotectin* will be launched in July 2017)

The SENTiFIT270 is a fully automated clinical-chemical system. It has been specially developed to measure the SENTiFIT pierceTube for quantitative determination of occult faecal haemoglobin.

Continuous reloading of the racks during measurement

Cooling the reagents for permanent storage in SENTiFIT 270

Measure up to 1,250 tests without changing the reagent

Automatic warning of deviation of the fluid level

Integrated sensor prevents blocking of the sample needle

Barcode reader for reagents

Sentinel SENTiFIT270 (Sysmex)