Argos Cardiac Output Monitor Now Available in U.S.

Retia Medical
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Retia Medical, out of Valhalla, New York, won FDA clearance and is making available in the U.S. its Argos Cardiac Output Monitor. For use in the OR and ICU, the product uses the company’s MBA algorithm to track both fluid and pressor resuscitation with high precision. This gives clinicians the ability to monitor oxygen delivery and control fluid status.

The Argos interfaces with many existing clinical monitors and electronic medical record (EMR) systems and eliminates some disposables that rack up cost over time. The company hopes that the set of features in the system will lead to closer cardiac output monitoring in existing facilities while making the technology accessible to clinics that currently don’t take advantage of it.

The system features a bright screen for easy viewing of charts and numbers, one touch access to trend and parameter settings, and the ability to customize the screen to display the parameters most interesting to the given patient. A single cable interfaces the device with a patient monitor to obtain blood pressure readings.

Here are the benefits of the Argos, according to Retia Medical:

Enhanced ease of use – The Argos CO Monitor offers a patented, intuitive user interface that incorporates the streamlined design of consumer technology and offers user-friendly features. A single cable connection is all that is needed to acquire a blood pressure signal from any vital signs monitor. This facilitates set up and eliminates the need for user training.

Simple EMR connectivity – The Argos Monitor seamlessly integrates with EMR systems, providing immediate access to patients’ hemodynamic profiles from remote locations. With an open architecture and a vendor-agnostic design, hospitals aren’t locked into one proprietary system for data exchange. The Argos Monitor architecture ensures against obsolescence, providing a higher return on investment by eliminating the need for costly upgrades or system changes in the future.

Cost-effective – Without the need for costly disposables, the Argos Monitor can reduce five-year costs by more than 75% compared with other leading monitors.

Argos Cardiac Output Monitor Now Available in U.S.

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