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Serie 1 OPA chemistry


Soluscope announces the extension of the Serie 1 product range with its new Soluscope OPA.

The new reprocessor for flexible endoscopes Serie 1 is compliant with ISO-15883 standard.

To better meet the needs of Asian markets, Soluscope introduced a new OPA chemistry. The Entry-Level AER benefits from 20 years of Soluscope experience and offers the features to deliver high-level reprocessing efficacy at competitive cost.

A new chemistry range

The endoscope washer disinfector Serie 1 is available with a complete range of chemical products including Peracetic acid (PA), Glutaraldehyde (GTA) disinfectants and now ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA).

The Serie 1 proposes Soluscope EZ (enzymatic) and Soluscope NW (neutral) as high performance detergents.

The complete system Serie 1 / Soluscope chemicals is also available in 220-240/50Hz and 110-120/60Hz electrical compatibility.

Best technology in a compact device

Robust and easy to maintain, the endoscope washer-disinfector Serie 1 bowl has an ovoid shape that optimizes the disinfectant and cleaning fluid movement.

The automated process combined with its user-friendly touch screen make the Serie 1 an AER with a very high level of security.

Its effective and validated prefiltration ensures an optimal quality of water for a proven quality of cleaning and disinfection.

Printer-equipped (in option), the endoscope washer-disinfector Serie 1 offers a high level of technology for an entry level product.

Serie 1 OPA chemistry

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