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NEW: hearing aid design software by 3shape

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ShellDesigner™ is an advanced software package for transforming 3D ear impressions, created by a 3Shape 3D scanner, into models of hearing aid shells or communication devices. The software outputs customized digital shells ready to be manufactured on 3D printers.

Making CAD technology easy for everyone

ShellDesigner™ guides and assists the user through all the steps required, providing a near-automatic production experience. All steps in the design workflow have been transformed from manual labor intensive processes into their digital equivalent, thereby simplifying the user’s adaptation to CAD technology.

Design with full simulation

All hearing aid components (transducer, receiver, volume control, battery, etc.) are incorporated into the modeling process.

Feature rich software

ShellDesigner™ is designed to support new product initiatives by containing a rich set of vent types, sculpting tools, surface geometry control and faceplate designs.

NEW: hearing aid design software by 3shape