Independent Clinical Trial Results Released

Fredrick R Carrick
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Positive results for Mente Autism

An Independent Clinical Trial was undertaken by the Carrick Institute in Florida over the last year. The trial was a Randomized-controlled double-blind investigation – comparing Mente Autism vs Placebo over 12 week period, with the study using a variety of outcome measurements, including Analysis of brain activity, Balance & Behavior.

The results show significant positive changes, post-treatment, in the Active group across all areas assessed & no changes in control group. Changes in brain activity include reductions in delta, beta and high beta brain waves. Positive effects and reductions of autistic behaviors were reported across clinically-validated tools and questionnaires, and parents reported significant improvements in social skills and communication of their children, unlike Control group

No dropouts were related to problems of tolerance with Mente device or the treatment itself, with authors suggesting that Mente Autism can represent a valid complementary home-based neurofeedback tool, ensuring continuity and comfort for patients and their families.

Independent Clinical Trial Results Released

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