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Prof. Frauenfelder reports about the possibilities of the Breast CT

Reported by Radiologie Magazin

Prof. Dr. med. Frauenfelder (University Hospital Zurich) was a guest at the RSNA booth of AB-CT and shared his experiences from radiological practice on the basis of selected clinical cases:

“We use mamma-computed tomography primarily as a supplement or alternative to mammography because it is a compression-free method. For many women, this is a relief from the current situation, because this compression is more often experienced as painful. The other thing is that this possibility gives us a superimposition-free imaging of the breast in all three dimensions. We can very accurately localize the tumors or calcifications and we can also make a statement about the type of the calcifications and lesions.”

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Interview with Prof. Dr. med. Frauenfelder (University Hospital Zurich)


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