Why mRNA Purification Technique For Vaccine Manufacturing Will Continue To Increase

Stavros Papadimitriou
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mRNA Purification Technique

ADS Biotec, a global manufacturer of automated instruments and laboratory reagents, has recently come up with two new Covid-19 tests and a very effective technique for mRNA purification, which is used for vaccine manufacturing. We talked to Stavros Papadimitriou, Vice-President of Marketing and Director of European Sales, to find out more about these products and understand what the pandemic has changed not only for his company but also for the laboratory industry in general as well as the next vaccine generations and relationships with China.

HPLC Buffers & Columns
HPLC Buffers & Columns

mRNA Purification solutions in HPLC

RNASep™ Semi-Prep – High Capacity RNA Purification Column 21.2 mm x 100 mm – for variety of RNA applications, load capacity of 600 µg total RNA. Custom mRNA Purification Solutions also available.

RNASep™ Semi-Prep is a high capacity RNA purification column that uses alkylated non-porous polystyrene-divinylbenzene (PS-DVB) copolymer microspheres for high performance nucleic acid separations. These versatile columns can be used with a variety of HPLC systems for RNA analysis and purification. They are also ideal for the development of effective mRNA vaccines and other novel drug candidates. See our Custom mRNA Purification Solutions for details. 21.2 x 100 mm, non-porous PS\DVB resin matrix, column capacity 600 µg total RNA