Introducing Brainance MD

Paris Ziogkas
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Cloud-based Neuroimaging software

Imagine if you could apply all the state-of-the-art methodologies for the processing of your brain MRI datasets through your web browser.

Imagine if you needed no more time for software installations and you could access your datasets and the processing results from any device that you used as long as it had an internet connection.

Imagine if you could also share selected datasets with your clinical or research colleagues and work collaboratively for the processing of the medical images while working from different timezones.

Brainance MD - Neuroimaging software
Brainance MD - Neuroimaging software

An advanced and simple to use neuroimaging software for the post-processing and visualization of DTI, Perfusion and fMRI (task-based and resting state) exams.

Brainance MD

Reconstruction of Inferior Longitudinal Fasciculus (ILF) in tumor case with BrainanceMD.