Hypertension2AU by Airnergy – treatment of hypertension by the Spirovital therapy

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The sooner begins the therapy of hypertension, the more complications later should be avoided. The aim: blood pressure normalization; the discharge of a possibly permanently overstressed heart and protection against further injuries.This is when AIRNERGY and Spirovital therapy comes into action! There are references and reports from all over the world useres of this therapy the RR-values (RR = Riva-Rocci method) have been improved significant only after 2 months application and even a cut down on medication intake could be atteined. Other people concerned wrote a RR-normalization emerged after only a 7 months application in everyday use and even before there was a constantly problem with pills intake. Achievable aim: significant reduction of blood pressure value and possible strong reduction of drug treatment by pills or drugs (up to cessation)!

A treatment with Spirovital therapy can be made either by the special hypertension device BP or by the special hypertension device PP & Airnergy Hpertension2AU. All built-in activation units are producing activated or energized environmental breathing oxygen that can be inhaled through a nasal cannula. Biologically it’s made sure all mitochondria can get the benefit of an improved oxygen utilization. All body cells are depending on continuous oxygen supply and nutrients as well as removal of carbon dioxide and metabolic (end) product; thus it can be realized a positive and understandable link between body cells, a better oxygen utilization and normalization of blood pressure.

The blood pressure distribution of healthy general population while rest is widely spread (systolic 95 – 175 mmHg, diastolic 45-115 mmHg) without it couldn’t be said at once there is a distrubance of blood pressure regulation or manifest hypertension. Naturally-induced increase of systolic blood pressure above optimal range be expected for larger volume transport (work, stress, certain diseases), at higher ejection speed (heart rate) and with a drease in vascular elasticity of large arteries (sclerosis). An increase in diastolic pressure is above all an increase in restistance of vessels around the heart (narrowing by functional or organically caused disorders).

Hypertension2AU by Airnergy  – treatment of hypertension by the Spirovital therapy

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