The Airnergy code of ethics

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We are not starry-eyed idealists – but we want to make the world a better place

The world that we live in and the air that we breathe: these are our most important concerns. Our thoughts, feelings and actions are governed by our respect for all life. At the centre are human beings.

Human dignity is sacrosanct. Their health and well-being is our mission and our calling. Our primary objective is to maintain the natural resources available to humans and to preserve these and protect them from harmful influences.

Honesty, openness, loyalty and trust are essential attributes that our business partners and customers can expect from us without reservation.

Consideration and mutual respect are the cornerstones of the work of and cooperation between our employees. Mistrust, jealousy and contempt for our ethical and professional objectives have no place in the AIRNERGY team. The strong help the weak, the healthy reach out a hand to the sick.

Strength is not achieved through individual work; only together are we strong.

All AIRNERGY products are based on scientific work; natural scientists and qualified representatives of the humanities are constantly researching and refining the theoretical premises for them. They act in accordance with their best knowledge and belief - always in line with the ethical guidelines of their respective profession and the AIRNERGY Code of Ethics. Knowledge is not a static thing but moves forward as a result of research, with the aim of advancing mankind.

The driving force behind our products is the professional, quality-oriented and responsible technical implementation of scientific knowledge for the benefit of health (in the sense of the World Health Organisation‘s definition). Here our motto is: Quality consciousness always takes precedence over cost considerations. Health products are not discount goods.

AIRNERGY employees and representatives make no promises of a cure.

The Airnergy code of ethics

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