AIRNERGY – AVANT GARDE, design and practical features for health

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Depending on the circumstances and at certain stages of life, it is also necessary to support the body's oxygen consumption, namely, on the cellular level.

In the act of breathing we usually obtain the oxygen to produce energy which is indispensable for all our body cells every second of our life and we got more than 60 trillion body cells. So why not use the spirovital therapy?

By 2012, the company Airnergy decided another leap into the future of the Spirovital therapiy.

Due to ongoing research, customer inquiries and by the technical department of Airnergy another highlight has been added to the well-known devices of Airnergy: a Spirovital therapy device for individualists – the Avant Garde Design Edition.

Sophisticated basic colors like crystal, platinum, white and black , here some extracts of technical data:

Equipment: 4 Airnergy activation units, integrated color therapy (light: blue), 3 power levels (50%, 75%, 100%), LCD display, 5-language menu guidance, microcontroller controlled electronics, Individual programming of application time, automatic self-test, switchable acoustic signal. Optional: aroma therapy set.

By special requests, the Avant Garde device for individualists has already been specially manufactured and provided; for example, the cover and base plate edges have already been equipped with tiny ‚Swarovski stones‘, the case belt is gilded with 24 carats and the push buttons and the device feets are matched to gold or silver.

If you do not want it so extravagant, you can surely be an individualist with the well-known basic colors because the filigree technology at the Avantgarde is timeless/eternal. Even for special designs such as marble and burl wood veneer.

Almost every material is possible to process for housings/cases and will be made and finished according to customer requirements.

AIRNERGY's Avantgarde, no matter what design or style, the 4 built-in activation units as created in the Professional Plus model grant the same features with activated ambient oxygen, which we need essentially every day because of increasing the environmental pollution. A comprehensive range of application for many people who suffer from chonic diseases such as airway disorders (asthma, COPD, etc.) metabolic disorders or CFS, MS, arthrosis and much more have been already successfully confirmed by innumerable users worldwide.

Airnergy's spirovital therapy is the chance that we all are able to utilize better the breathing ambient oxygen in our bodies that can be restricted by illness, stress, increasing age and other negative influences. Thus, our body cells get the necessary and long-term (sustainable) help for a better regeneration and even more activity;. If sympathetic and parasympathetic are in harmony, and hence our vegetative nervous system are in balance it makes as feel better. We are more vital and more powerful.

And for all people who do not have health problems: what do you think of daily prevention by Airnergy for some minutes only? Prevention on a complete natural way and without any side effects! AIRNERGY - we carry on with research!

Airnergy AVANT GARDE - blanc
Airnergy AVANT GARDE - blanc

design and practical features for health

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