New Design for Amaro 5000 Steam Sterilizers by AJC

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More simple, more convenient

Amaro 5000® steam sterilizers are now available in a renewed design. With the front constructed in a single stainless steel panel, Amaro 5000® steam sterilizers now possess a simpler design.

To cope with the increasing demands in healthcare and life sciences, the new design of Amaro 5000® steam sterilizer promotes a perfect hygiene and tidiness in the interface between the steam sterilizer and the operator, which is crucial for healthcare institutions or laboratory facilities.

In addition, Amaro 5000® steam sterilizers feature a water conservation system composed by a heat exchanger and a water tank that recirculates water in closed-loop for the liquid ring vacuum pump circuit, which saves water and assures a high efficiency.

This new layout combines the perfect design with great functionality and durability, making Amaro 5000® steam sterilizers the ideal solution for large healthcare facilities or laboratory institutes.

New Design for Amaro 5000 Steam Sterilizers by AJC

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