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How To Choose A Digital Colposcope Camera?

YIKEDA digital colposcope camera

Digital colposcope is one of the important gynecological examination instruments, mainly composed of colposcope camera, display, host, and printer. The digital colposcope camera is a relatively core component in the complete colposcope system. How to choose a digital colposcopy camera? The editor of YIKEDA will give you a brief introduction.

How to choose a digital colposcope camera? First, we must know that the colposcopy is an indispensable gynecological instrument, and the camera is the core component of the colposcopy, so we must be careful in choosing. True color restoration, automatic zoom, and automatic focus are the basic requirements for choosing a camera. In order to view small lesions, The optical zoom of the digital colposcope camera should reach 20-30 times, and the pixels should be about 2 million. The temperature rise of the irradiated part at the working distance of the digital colposcope should be less than 10℃ within 30 minutes of working, which will not cause human body to a certain extent. Injury, suitable for long-term work, and solves the problem of abnormal medical treatment due to excessive number of patients.

Features of YIKEDA digital colposcope camera:

1. It adopts the highest quality 1/2.8-inch color digital optical zoom lens with 30x optical zoom. Up to 2.1 million pixels, up to (1920*1080) 60P. Provide full-screen high-definition images.

2. Large flux F1.4, 4-64mm zoom lens;

3. Focal length range: 30cm-50cm; camera resolution: ≥480TVL

4. The built-in SD card of the colposcopy camera can be used for capturing, recording and replaying.

5. The camera's light source adopts 7 high-stability LEDs, and adopts a unique uniform light technology to reduce reflections, longer service life, and better color reproduction.

6. The camera bracket and the camera adopt an integrated design, and the bracket has a unique hovering function, which makes the operation more convenient.

7. The camera can be equipped with 2.4G unlimited remote control.

8. Camera light source: LED light source lighting system is adopted, and the light source intensity is ≥1200lx. The light temperature rises at 0℃~+2℃.


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