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The Working Principle Of Digital Video Colposcope

Digital Video Colposcope

The Working Principle Of Digital Video Colposcope

Digital video colposcope uses a high-resolution color camera to magnify the vaginal cervix mucosa, through computer image processing, to observe the changes in its surface morphology and terminal vascular network, and observe small lesions in the cervical surface layer that are invisible to the naked eye.

It is a new digital video colposcope imaging system that integrates a variety of advanced features. This system is different from traditional colposcopy. It uses DSP dynamic electronic focus freeze control. The doctor only needs to observe the lesion image on the screen. Its high-quality light source And the high-magnification image can identify the extremely small image details. Because all functions are gathered on the computer central control system, the operation is very simple and can be used in the two processes of diagnosis and surgical treatment. In addition, the matching computer image management system can analyze and process the observed images, store, and print a series of operations management, providing doctors and patients with better services.

Technical features of digital video colposcope:

1. It adopts high-resolution imported SONY CMOS imaging, full HD 1920*1080p image output, ensuring clear images and colors are true and accurate, with fast auto-focusing and continuous zooming functions, to meet the continuous dynamic observation from the whole to the details during the inspection process;

2. Light source: adopts high-stability imported LED cold light source technology, unique uniform light technology, reduces reflection, provides excellent light supplement effect, longer service life, and better color reproduction;

3. Pixels: ≥2100,000Pixels; resolution: ≥1000TVL;

4. The lens has a built-in high-definition 3.5-inch LCD screen for easy observation;

5. Bracket: The colposcope lens and bracket adopt an integrated design, the unique hovering function can swing the arm at will, and the operation is more convenient;

6. Trolley: The trolley has a lifting function, using aluminum alloy + ABS full injection molding bracket, 4-inch universal silent wheels, and the height can be raised and lowered by 90-100cm;

7. Support the real-time display, acquisition, freezing, storage and printing functions of the observed image.

8. Support foot switch control, mouse control image acquisition, support examination results or surgery video function.

9. Support interconnection with hospital PACS system.


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