E-FINGER created by AMMS - France

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E-FINGER created by AMMS - France


- Asset Booster

- Customized program management

- Unmatched comfort and precision

Handling: Extension of your finger. An ideal precision allowing the care of sensitive areas such as the eye or mouth contours.

Comfort: A pleasant treatment. Without pain or side effects, the E Finger provides a pleasant feeling for the face thanks to the massage and manual pressure exerted by the professional.

Ergonomics: Bluetooth operation. Thanks to these 2 electronic fingers connected to a watch, itself connected to a wireless box, the time of wired connections is now over!

Universal: Compatible with all cosmetic products. A range of 3 gels is specifically dedicated to the device but the E-Finger offers a penetration of all cosmetic actives thanks to its 3 complementary programs

Diversity: Skin, vascular, muscle. With these 3 programs, the E-Finger meets all specific needs in the skin, vascular with a broken blood microcirculation and in the muscles with skin relaxation.

Effectiveness: Immediate outcomes. Visible performance from the first treatment and for an average duration of 7 days with only 20 minutes of treatment.

E-FINGER created by AMMS - France

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