NEW: medical cabinet by ARIES

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In the era of digital dentistry, a touch of technology applied to the furniture couldn''t have missed. We know that for facilitate the research of instruments and products used in different treatments the operators have the habit of stick labels to the external part of the drawers, those labels become worse of aspect during the pass of time sometimes ruining also the aesthetics of the furniture.

ARIES, that has always pointed a high attention to design and ergonomics, has realized "WATCH": a line of "digital furniture" that revolutionize the way of communicate with the operator.

It is sufficient to insert the "qwerty" pc keyboard directly in to the front of the drawer and problem solved: you can write in the 32 available characters what is contained in every drawer or if you use them for archive the clients/sheets you can subdivide them for the initial letter of the alphabet and use all the characters of the keyboard.

Useful for the surgery mono-professional, necessary for the Multifunctional Centre, indispensable for the Teaching Centres and Universities.

WATCH communication comes first.

NEW: medical cabinet by ARIES