Dual measurement of HbA1c & glucose in just 70 seconds

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There are approximately 9.5 million*2 people in Japan who are strongly suspected to be suffering from diabetes and this number is rising. Testing is very important to identify these people quickly so that they can begin treatment.

HbA1c is a diabetes test marker that reflects the average blood glucose over the past 1-2 months. In terms of diabetes diagnosis and treatment, it has grown in importance since the 2010 revision of the diabetes diagnostic standard and the 2012 changes associated with HbA1c value standardization*3. Accordingly, needs associated with rapid HbA1c measurement (together with the measurement of blood glucose) are increasing.

ARKRAY, Inc. (herein ''ARKRAY'') will release the ADAMS Hybrid AH-8290 an analyzer for the simultaneous measurement of HbA1c and glucose with a measurement time of just 70 seconds, 10 seconds faster than its predecessor (the AH-8280). It has a compact design, taking up just half of the space you would need with separate instruments. This makes it installable at small hospitals and specialist diabetes clinics.

This is the only diabetes analyzer capable of simultaneous measurement of both HbA1c and glucose in single instrument using the HPLC method*4. ARKRAY, as a pioneer in diabetes testing, has traditionally been involved in the development of high precision analyzers, and has concentrated its technology here to create this product. ARKRAY will continue to provide products that meet the wide-ranging needs of diabetes testing and contribute to it.

Dual measurement of HbA1c & glucose in just 70 seconds