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Braid-Reinforced Shaft for Catheter Manufacturing

Asahi Intecc Medical components
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With our continuous spooling process ensuring exceptional consistency with tighter tolerance, we can design, develop, and manufacture engineered shaft for a complex catheter.

Are you having difficulties with catheter manufacturing?

- Coating thickness inconsistencies make your manufacturing difficult.

- Poor blood vessel trackability can occur due to sudden changes in stiffness at welded points of the manually assembled tube.

- Manual manufacturing can significantly increase the complexity of the catheter's manufacturing process.

Our innovative process solves the difficulties.

- Ultra-thin PTFE liner with tighter tolerances maximizes the deliverability of your catheter.

- Excellent blood vessel trackability due to its linear transition from a soft tip to the hard proximal end.

- A streamlined process for your catheter manufacturing, which minimizes labor, can be more easily validated, and is less susceptible to lot-to-lot variations.

Braid-Reinforced Shaft
Braid-Reinforced Shaft

Braid-Reinforced Shaft with silver-plated copper core

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